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Guide to the most amazing, underrated destinations to visit in South Asia

South Asia might be labelled as the “third world”, however, it is one of the regions that have been quite underrated, especially when it comes to travel. As travel is back to regular again, you should consider going to the most underrated and off-the-beaten path. Explore the state that was once under the news. Pakistan has a rich culture, sights, history, varied linguistics, and delectable cuisine that one can explore.

Reasons to explore Pakistan

Minapin Village, Gilgit Baltistan:

The country is blessed with all four seasons, usually mildly cooler in the summers as opposed to other parts of the country. A humble abode to Karakoram and Himalaya mountain ranges, thus making its’ picturesque sites breathtaking and exploration even more amazing. Minapin Village, Nagar District is situated in the country’s north. The region is blessed with the best cherries, apricots, mulberries, fruits, dry fruits, and vegetables. Located just on the side of the Hunza River, it is home to spectacular scenery, quaint houses, a peaceful atmosphere, and the welcoming and kindest people. The region sees all the seasons and is a perfect place to wind down the urban hustle routine, but spring and fall are the best.

Spectacular spring:

Spring season offers breathtaking cherry-blossom trees, just as beautiful as the famous Japanese cherry blossom. Pleasant weather, juicy fruits, and stunning flora, delightful cuisine with huge ice-capped mountains and grazing animals on fields, making it nothing more than an enchanted town.  

Fabulous fall:

Fall in Minapin village is too mesmerizing to miss. Colorful foliage, trees, fresh air, clear blue sky, and activities make a great combo for travelers around the world.


  • Trekking the mountains
  • Horseback riding
  • Camping in the tents
  • Fishing in the river
  • Cycling

Minapin Glacier:

One of the key attractions is the soaring snowcapped glacier mountain. The hike satiates the adventure itch for mountaineers and adventure junkies. It is recommended to hire a local guide if you happen to take the climb.

Hingol National Park, Balochistan:

Located in the largest province, Hingol Park is the most integral wildlife reserve sanctuary, where a variety of species from mammals, birds, and amphibians to reptiles, reside undisturbed. How amazing would it be to spot a sand cat, ibex, vulture, and many more, that haven’t been seen by many nationals as well? The park stretches over a vast area of 6,100 square kilometers, nestling wildlife.

Key Attractions:

Mud volcanoes

The site is gifted with this unusual topography as a result of mud and clay eruptions from deep down long back. Several volcanoes rest here, however, three of them, are renowned as Chandragup and numbered 1, 2, and 3, which hold significance for the Hindu population.

Multiple natural oases

The rugged desert amuses with multiple natural oases, which are a soothing sight. Multiple streams, ponds, and lakes of clear, water are found amid the coarse mountains erected firmly.

The princess of hope

This stellar rock establishment is over 700 years old and situated near the Makran coast of Gwadar. Standing at the top of a mountain, certainly makes it look like a perfect hand-crafted piece. It is said to have formed by the wind blowing from the Arabian Sea over a long period. As the stars are quite visible, the sight looks celestial in the evening.

The lion of Baluchistan

Another astonishing marvel is the sphinx-shaped rock formation, which gives off the image of a lion sitting on the top edge of the mountain. The bonus point is that it hasn’t been touched by man ever, and is a natural wonder.

Wildlife Habitat

An array of birds and animals peacefully reside here for God knows how long. The natural habitat includes Sindh leopards, Sindh ibex, Egyptian vultures, Dalmatian Pelican, Marsh crocodiles, golden eagles, Chinkara, Indian fox, Baluchistan Urial, golden jackal, snakes, scorpions, and green turtles.  

Katpana Cold Desert, Gilgit Baltistan:

Katpana desert, which is known as Biama Nakpo, in the local language is a cold desert area situated 2,226 meters above the sea, making it one of the highest deserts in the world. With temperatures as cold as -17 C degrees, its’ dunes are sometimes capped with snow. Majestic mountains with white sand and river Indus running by the sides are roofed with tremendously clean blue skies and pearl-white clouds.


  • The perfect white sand and dunes are great for bonfires glamping and camping.
  • Travellers gazing at night, along with folklore and local cuisine than the usual city life.
  • Plan your trip around, off-roading, and annual jeep rally to experience some hardcore dirt sport adventure.
  • If you’re there in December, make sure you attend the May-Fang (fire-throwing/play) Festival which annually happens on the night of 20th December to commemorate the arrival of spring, as the days start getting longer from the next day.

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